temporary closure of our mosque

    due to the 2nd lockdown

from Thursday 5th November to December 2nd 


the mosque will be closed for all prayers including jummah 

we pray that everyone stays safe and well as these difficult times continue. may Allah help us all.


The mosque is located at the heart of king's cross, with only a few miniutes walk from the St Pancras international station.


It is run by a committee of 15 people who are selected by the local community. They are all volunteers and provide a valuable service to the community both working with the youth as well as elders.



The king's Cross Mosque provides five daily prayers seven days a week.


The mosque also accomodates the friday Jummah prayer as well as the two Eids.


the mosque has a dedicated area for the women worshipers to attend the salah.


Due to lack of space it is currently not available for women during jummah/Tarawih and the two Eids


It has a small library where worshippers can read and learn about Islam.

KING'S CROSS MOSQUE & ISLAMIC CULTURAL CENTRE, Sandfield (Basement), Cromer Street, London WC1H 8DU