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About The King's Cross Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre

The Mosque is located at the heart of King's Cross, only a few minutes walk from St Pancras International & King's Cross Station.


It is run by a committee of 15 who are selected by the local community. They are all volunteers, helping provide a valuable service to the community.


The Mosque offering a place of worship for all five daily prayers, runs discussions & talks weekly.

We also operate weekend Islamic classes & learning for young children.

The mosque has a dedicated area for the women worshipers to attend the salah.

Please note due to size of the congregation during Jummah we can not accommodate/ offer a suitable sisters prayer area during Jummah.

Jummah Prayer Times

1st Jama'ah -13.30pm. 2nd Jama'ah - 14.20pm

Please note these times are for when the khutba begins. Khutba can take anywhere between 5mins to 10mins. Straight after Khutba Salah begins.

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